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  • Name: Gwendolyn Lewis
  • Gender: Female
  • General Appearance: Gwendolyn has the sort of face that makes her look much younger than she actually is. Wide-eyed and curious, her mouth always seems to be caught between quirking into a smile or curling around a question. She’s fair-skinned and her nose is just the tiniest bit crooked from an accident on a swing set when she was younger. Much to her own displeasure, she’s also rather short; while all the other girls were growing upward, she remained at a standstill.
  • Personality: Raised in a household full of strong-minded women, Gwendolyn is remarkably outspoken; she shares her opinion with an almost brutal amount of honesty when asked, and usually even if she hasn’t been. She’s not a wallflower by any means — her Aunt Moira made sure of that, and Gwendolyn adopted her way of thinking more than anything else. She’s lucky enough to have a strong sense of self and purpose, and she’s incredibly stubborn when she wants to be.
  • Special Talents: Plant manipulation, for lack of a better term — Gwendolyn finds it somewhat useless, better suited for gardening than anything especially important, though Josephine tells her that she’ll be surprised by it someday.
  • Who they like better: Gwendolyn couldn’t choose between her mothers even if she tried. She loves both of them to the ends of the earth.
  • Who they take after more: Neither, really, though a case could be made for both of them.
  • Personal Head canon: Gwendolyn, to the surprise of many, took to Moira more so than many of the others at the mansion. She often badgers Charles about when she’ll be visiting next, and is usually the first to greet her at the door when she does come by.
  • Face Claim: Elle Fanning
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